What happened to my live feed?

Yes – yet another blogger posting about facebook. The infatuation with facebook, both in media and in the public, is another post however. This is a sympathy for facebook post. Why?

1. It’s hard to please everyone

Have you had a huge Thanksgiving dinner where everyone was happy about everything throughout the entire meal? I haven’t – and I hope I never do. That’s just not realistic and frankly, it’s boring. Facebook has been able to abstract out the common functionality which will allow communication across millions of diverse users. While everyone may not like every piece of functionality on facebook, we still have the ability to share and communicate with our loved ones and friends at a common table. 

2. The bar is moving

Google plus, like it or not, is the new bar. For the majority of us that would like to utilize only one social media platform, we have to make a decision. Do we stay with facebook, which is only trying to compete and remain relevant in an industry that changes overnight, every night? Or do we move over to the shiny toy and experience the same change frequency with them? For those people that do not like change – USPS still delivers mail. 😉

3. Some of the new functionality is pretty freaking cool

Have you peeked at the facebook timeline functionality? It’s awesome. To see what I was posting, liking, and what my friends were saying back in 2008 when Mikey was born is the modern day equivalent of reading old letters and comparing them to dated pictures. This is not on google+ yet.

The other day at work, I was listening to Tim Minchin on spotify. The spotify/facebook integration allows you to listen along with me. The same thing can be done with tv & movies. This is also not on google+ yet.

You’ve got to admire a company that consistently delivers new innovative features that isn’t simply chasing the competition. Plus, it’s free! There’s something about looking a gift horse in the mouth here.




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