New app idea

In doing the facebook and linked-in integration for the app I’m working on, I’ve thought up of a new app idea.

The Anti-Social App. 

The goal, of course, is to create a social network out of anti-social people (think MMORPG).

How? First we need to get the anti-socials online – so we offer functionality that will benefit them.

Mobile phone:

 Population density maps, nightclub-geocoding, and other factors will go into an algorithm to determine your likelihood for social interaction. For example, in the middle of 6th street, I have a 99% chance of social interaction (even as small as an “excuse me” on the streets count. Note: look into preferred social interaction vs non-preferred). So 6th street is a Red Zone. Out in Old Settler’s park on Sunday morning before 9am, I stand a 1% chance of social interaction – so that’s a Green Zone.

Emails & texts are scanned to determine friends likely locations. Maybe an API with foursquare or other “friendly” social api to help determine locations.  You can pick which “friends” to avoid.

You can share tips about how best to avoid social interaction. You can flag zones as being good or bad. 

You can schedule MMORPG meetups.


More thought is required of course. Any ideas?




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