Installing Ruby Gems on Windows

So I heard about a new Ruby gem that we might be using for our project. My work computer is still windows and while I feel like fred flintstone on it, I’m still relatively productive. So I open up my console to install the gem:


Whoops – issue. Wait, I need to install a C compiler to get this to work? That’s not cool. Well, thankfully there’s a devKit that can help!

This kit will allow you to install gems and automatically compile them with one command. Awesome. 

So I start to follow the steps. Going to and picking up “DevKit-4.5.00-CCYYMMDD-xxxx-sfx.exe” and extracting it to C:RubyDevKit. So far so good. Then I run the init:

Ok – that works. I open up config.yml in my text editor and add in C:/ruby at the end “below the triple hyphens” as such:

Then I run the review:

Another issue. Quick google search shows that the instructions on how to edit the config.yml aren’t correct. You can remove the “— []” line before pointing it to your ruby install path. 

Once I did that, it worked like a charm:

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