QA: The roadblock

That’s right – Quality Assurance is just one gigantic road block between you and where you want to go.

These insane people thrive on destruction. They are the rambunctious 3 year old to our new carpet. And what sucks is that we can’t give them a time out!

That means the 1 hour it took to slap together some measly program can take several days because QA found it couldn’t handle special characters, or that only 90% of the functionality works. 90% is pretty darn good, and I’m tired of working on the damn code. Stop breaking it, and we can move on to what I really want to work on!

However, if it weren’t for QA people our product would have several “work-arounds” and we would need 10 times the training and support staff. I also concede that QA adds to the product and reduces the amount of rework. So getting rid of the roadblock isn’t the best solution.

Instead, developers must unite and make the QA position as boring as possible. When QA gets a new piece of functionality, they should get frustrated in their failure to break it. As developers, we need to anticipate their test cases, and try them out ourselves in unit testing. That way we can fix it right then and there and avoid having to see the horrific “bug dance” that QA does when it finds crappy code.

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