Linux over VMWare

The weekend project for me is installing VMWare & Linuz on my HP Pavilion Windows 7 laptop. Why? Linux provides more system and network level controls and is frankly easier to develop in. 

I’ll be following this guide:

“Beginner” shows up 14 times on the site, so my confidence level is pretty high. 😉

The first issue I ran into is that the link for downloading Fedora is no longer working. Here’s a new link:

Since the iso file is 687mb, I think I’ll call it a night and proceed in the morning.


Issue 2: Looks like the link to link also doesn’t work. Probably should’ve prepped before I started this endeavor. I was able to find a working link though (with similar instructions:)


Issue 3: Permission errors. When unzipped, the OS.vmsd and OS.vmx files are “Read Only”. This means that you can’t update the vmx config or run the virtual machine without unchecking the read-only option on the file properties. To do this, right click on the file and click on properties, uncheck “Read Only” and click on Ok. 


That was the final issue. Linux worked fine after that. 🙂



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